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Attitudes of evangelicals to politics (3509)

Type of Data: Attitudes of evangelicals to politics (3509)

Faith Community: Christianity

Date: 2014, August-September

Geography: United Kingdom

Sample Size: 2362 (1356 members of the research panel and 1006 respondents via social media)

Population: Evangelical Christians in membership of the 21st Century Evangelicals research panel and other respondents recruited via social media

Keywords: Bible, Christian values, Christians, churches, engagement, Evangelical Alliance, evangelicals, general election, interest, issues, Jesus Christ, knowledge, policies, political system, politicians, politics, poverty/inequality, prayer, religious liberty, sources of information, voting

Collection Method: Online interview

Collection Agency: Evangelical Alliance

Sponsor: Evangelical Alliance and three other organizations forming its Research Club

Published Source:

  • 21st Century Evangelicals: A Snapshot of the Beliefs and Habits of Evangelical Christians in the UK, Spring 2015 – Faith in Politics? London: Evangelical Alliance, 2015
  • http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/2015/demography-of-churchgoing-and-other-news/

    BRIN ID: 3509


    The core sample was drawn from the Evangelical Alliance’s self-selecting research panel (‘an opportunity sample’), which is possibly unrepresentative of evangelical churchgoers as a whole. It was supplemented by respondents recruited via social media, who were disproportionately interested in and engaged in politics. Dataset available at UKDA as SN 7786.

    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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