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Religious beliefs, practices, and opinions, including attitudes to Catholics and Protestants and minority religions (3788)

Type of Data: Religious beliefs, practices, and opinions, including attitudes to Catholics and Protestants and minority religions (3788)

Faith Community: Christianity (Protestantism, Roman Catholic Church), Islam, Judaism

Date: 2017, 12 April-1 August

Geography: Great Britain. Part of multinational survey

Sample Size: 1841

Population: Adults aged 18 and over

Keywords: Abortion, astrology, atheist, attendance at religious services, baptism, Christian religion, churches and other religious organizations, close friends, culture, evangelize, evil eye, faith in God, fast, fate, GfK, give money to place of worship, God, good deeds, government policies, heaven, higher power or spiritual force, horoscopes, immigrants, importance of religion, impose religious law, incompatible with British culture and values, Islam, Jewish religion, Jews, knowledge of religions, life after death, meaning and purpose of life, members of family, more harm than good, Muslim religion, Muslim women, Muslims, nationality, neighbours, overstate suffering, participate in a religious group or organization, Pew Research Center, prayer, Protestants, punishment, Reformation, reincarnation, religion of upbringing, religious affiliation, religious dress, religious person, religious symbols, religious values and beliefs, religiously different, religiously similar, reward, right and wrong, Roman Catholics, same-sex marriage, science, self-assessed religiosity, soul, spiritual energy, spiritual forces in the universe, spiritual person, stranger in own country, to be a Christian, violence in the name of religion, violent extremist groups, yoga

Collection Method: Telephone interview (both landlines and cellphones)

Collection Agency: GfK

Sponsor: Pew Research Center, with funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts and the John Templeton Foundation

Published Source:

  • http://www.pewforum.org

    BRIN ID: 3788


    Multinational survey, undertaken in 14 other countries in Western Europe. A comparable, but more detailed, survey on attitudes to Catholics and Protestants was also conducted in the United States.

    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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