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Attitudes to right and wrong (3992)

Type of Data: Attitudes to right and wrong (3992)

Faith Community: General, Islam

Date: 2019, 16-28 May

Geography: United Kingdom

Sample Size: 3655, including boosts of 1000 persons aged 16-34 and 500 Muslims

Population: Adults aged 16 and over

Keywords: Acceptable, attendance at religious services, based on religious teachings, BBC, consumer ethics, covering parts of body, day-to-day life, defend religious beliefs, different religion, divine judgment after death, environment, faith or culture requires it, immigrants, importance of faith, importance of spirituality, knife or other weapon, law, life and death, life created by God, morality, morals, online world, relationships, religion of upbringing, religious affiliation, religious beliefs, religious membership, right and wrong, Savanta ComRes, sex, unacceptable, values, work

Collection Method: Online interview

Collection Agency: Savanta ComRes

Sponsor: BBC

Published Source:

  • https://www.comresglobal.com/

    BRIN ID: 3992


    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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