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Impact of Covid-19 on British Jewish and Muslim communities (4195)

Type of Data: Impact of Covid-19 on British Jewish and Muslim communities (4195)

Faith Community: Islam, Judaism

Date: 2021, 15-19 April (UK adults), 14-19 April (Jews), 16-22 April (Muslims)

Geography: United Kingdom

Sample Size: 1053 (UK adults), 404 (Jews), 400 (Muslims)

Population: Adults aged 18 and over; self-identifying Jews aged 18 and over; self-identifying Muslims aged 18 and over

Keywords: Attendance at religious services, coronavirus, Covid-19, following rules and restrictions, friends and family, Jews, Julian Hargreaves, local council, local religious leaders, Muslims, National Health Service, news media, Philip Rushworth, self-assessed religiosity, self-isolation, Survation, symptoms, tested, trust, UK government, vaccine, Woolf Institute

Collection Method: Online interview (UK adults), telephone interview, combination of landlines and mobiles (Jews and Muslims)

Collection Agency: Survation

Sponsor: Woolf Institute with funding from three charities

Survey Instrument: Hargreaves and Rushworth, Transmission and Trust, p. 27

Published Source:

  • Julian Hargreaves and Philip Rushworth, Transmission and Trust: The Impact of Covid-19 on British Jewish and British Muslim Communities, Cambridge: Woolf Institute, 2022
  • https://www.woolf.cam.ac.uk
  • https://www.survation.com/archive/2022-2/  
  • BRIN ID: 4195


    The data for Jews and Muslims were weighted to be representative of their respective communities according to weights provided by the Office for National Statistics. However, the precise methodology for recruiting the Jewish and Muslim samples was not stated.

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