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Media consumption of Muslims (3932)

Type of Data: Media consumption of Muslims (3932)

Faith Community: Islam

Date: 2008, 28 February-1 April

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 1124, including boosts for Iraqi, Somali or other East African, North African, and Turkish or Kurdish ethnic groups

Population: Muslims aged 16 and over

Keywords: General interests, halal food, internet, Home Office, languages, magazines, major concerns, media, mosque attendance, Muslims, newspapers, prayer, radio, Ramadan and Lent fasts, religion and culture, religious dress, religious observance, Research Information and Communications Unit, television, TNS, traditional clothes

Collection Method: Face-to-face interview

Collection Agency: TNS

Sponsor: Home Office, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Research Information and Communications Unit

Published Source:

  • Research Information and Communications Unit, British Muslim Media Consumption Report, London: Home Office, 2010

    BRIN ID: 3932


    Respondents for the base sample were selected using a random location sampling method within wards containing 5% or more Muslim residents.

    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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