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Religion and belief in the workplace (3780)

Type of Data: Religion and belief in the workplace (3780)

Faith Community: General

Date: 2017, 17-19 February (workers) and 17-20 February (HR managers, managers, and senior HR decision makers)

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 984 workers and 251 HR managers, managers, and senior HR decision makers

Population: Workers in paid employment at lower than director equivalent level; HR managers, managers, and senior HR decision makers at British companies with 50 or more employees

Keywords: Attendance at religious services, briefings, bullying, ComRes, discrimination, diversity, employer, equality, Faith Research Centre, harassment, inappropriate comment, inclusion, information to members of staff, observance of holy days and religious festivals, plan working hours, prayer during working hours, professional development, promotion of understanding, provision, religion and belief, religious affiliation, religious clothing, religious diet, religious dress, religious iconography, support of societies/fellowships/networks, talk about personal beliefs, training, workplace, written policies

Collection Method: Online interview

Collection Agency: ComRes

Published Source:

  • http://www.comresglobal.com

    BRIN ID: 3780


    The workers were a sub-set of a standard sample of the adult British population.

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