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Religious beliefs and practices, and perspectives on religion (4268)

Type of Data: Religious beliefs and practices, and perspectives on religion (4268)

Faith Community: General

Date: 2023, 20 January-3 February

Geography: Great Britain. Part of multinational survey

Sample Size: 1000

Population: Adults aged 16-74

Keywords: Attendance at religious services, comfortable being around people with different religious beliefs, Devil, gives meaning to life, God, happier than average, heaven, hell, higher power, Ipsos, Ipsos Global Advisor, lose respect for people without religious faith, overcome crises, people with religious faith are better citizens, people with religious faith are happier, prayer, religion as source of self-definition, religion does more harm than good, religious affiliation, religious practices an important factor in moral life, supernatural spirits

Collection Method: Online interview

Collection Agency: Ipsos

Published Source:

  • https://www.ipsos.com/en-uk

    BRIN ID: 4268


    Global Religion, 2023 study, also undertaken in 25 other countries besides Great Britain.

    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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