Threats to the European Union

Islamist terrorism is viewed as the second greatest threat to the European Union (EU) over the next few years, according to a five-nation European poll conducted online by ICM Research for The Guardian between 24 February and 8 March 2011. The sample comprised 5,023 adults aged 18-64, including 1,001 in Great Britain.

Across the weighted aggregate of the five countries 33% were concerned about increasing government debt, 32% about Islamist terrorism, 26% about immigration from non-EU countries, 24% about political and civil unrest, and 21% about the growth of China’s economy.

But in France and Poland Islamist terrorism was the number one worry, at 34% and 38% respectively. Germany also stood on 34%, Spain on 30%, with Britain (at 25%) the least anxious about Islamist terrorism. Even so, it was still the third major concern for Britons, after immigration from non-EU countries (33%) and rising government debt (32%).

For the topline national results, see table 22 of the dataset at:

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