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Census of churchgoing (1148)

Type of Data: Census of churchgoing (1148)

Faith Community: Christianity

Date: 2005, 8 May

Geography: England

Sample Size: 18720 (50% response)

Population: Trinitarian Christian churches

Keywords: Arts, Bible, church attendance, churchgoing, church growth, church leaders, churchmanship, church resources, clergy, frequency of attendance, giving, midweek activities, midweek worship, mission, political action, Third World, visitors, youth meetings

Collection Method: Self-completion postal questionnaire

Collection Agency: Christian Research

Sponsor: Consortium of religious and other funders

Published Source:

  • Peter William Brierley, Pulling Out of the Nose Dive: A Contemporary Picture of Churchgoing - What the 2005 English Church Census Reveals, London: Christian Research, 2006
  • UK Christian Handbook: Religious Trends, No. 6, 2006/2007, ed. Peter William Brierley, London: Christian Research, 2006
  • Peter William Brierley, 'Rural Churchgoing in England: Where Age is Important', Rural Theology, Vol. 6, 2008, pp. 109-16

    BRIN ID: 1148


    Dataset available at ESDS as SN 6409

    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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