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Church of England ministry in rural parishes (1322)

Type of Data: Church of England ministry in rural parishes (1322)

Faith Community: Christianity (Church of England)

Date: 2001?

Geography: England

Sample Size: 1050

Population: Rural Anglican churches

Keywords: Baptism, bell-ringers, choirs, Christmas, church attendance, church activities, church buildings, churchgoing, Church of England, church schools, clergy, community activities, communicants, Easter Sunday, ecumenism, electoral roll, faith schools, funerals, Good Friday, Harvest Festival, lay ministry, liturgy, midweek services, ministers, mission, Mothering Sunday, parish magazine, parochial church council, places of worship, religious festivals, Remembrance Sunday, small groups, study days/weekends, Sunday school, Sunday services, theft, vandalism, vicars, visiting, youth work

Collection Method: Self-completion postal questionnaire

Collection Agency: Leslie John Francis and Jeremy Martineau

Sponsor: Church of England Board of Mission

Published Source:

  • Leslie John Francis and Jeremy Martineau, Rural Mission: A Parish Workbook for Developing the Mission of the Rural Church, Stoneleigh Park: Acora Publishing, 2002

    BRIN ID: 1322


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