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Religious and paranormal beliefs and attitudes to religious issues (1391)

Type of Data: Religious and paranormal beliefs and attitudes to religious issues (1391)

Faith Community: General, Christianity, Alternative

Date: 2000, 25 April-7 May

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 1000

Population: Adults aged 16 and over

Keywords: Abortion, afterlife, alternative medicine, angels, aromatherapy, astrology, baptism, Bible, bishops, blasphemy, cathedrals, children, Church, church and state, church attendance, churchgoing, clergy, confidence, crystals, death, decline in traditional religion, devil, disarmament, disestablishment, ecology, education, environment, euthanasia, evil, exchanging messages with the dead, extramarital affairs, faith healing, family, family life, fortune telling, funerals, global inequality, God, government, heaven, hell, homosexuality, House of Lords, importance of God, Jesus Christ, life after death, marriage, meaning and purpose of life, meditation, morality, moral problems, path to God, patterning, politics, poverty, prayer, presence of God, racial discrimination, reflexology, reincarnation, religion, religious affiliation, religious experience, religious leaders, religious organizations, resurrection of the dead, right and wrong, rites of passage, sacred presence in nature, self-assessed religiosity, services, sin, social problems, soul, spirituality, spiritual needs, supernatural, tarot, unemployment, voting, weddings

Collection Method: Telephone interview

Collection Agency: Opinion Research Business (ORB)

Sponsor: British Broadcasting Corporation

Published Source:

  • Sunday Telegraph, 28 May 2000
  • Daily Mirror, 29 May 2000
  • Daily Mail, 29 May 2000
  • Church Times, 2 June 2000
  • Church of England Newspaper, 2 and 16 June 2000
  • Catholic Herald, 2 June 2000
  • The Tablet, 3 June 2000
  • UK Christian Handbook, Religious Trends, No. 3, 2002/2003, ed. Peter William Brierley, London: Christian Research, 2001, p. 5.15

    BRIN ID: 1391


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