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Superstitious beliefs and practices (1401)

Type of Data: Superstitious beliefs and practices (1401)

Faith Community: Alternative

Date: 2000. October?

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 1001

Population: Adults aged 15 and over

Keywords: Bad luck, black cats, broken mirrors, crossing fingers, crossing on the stairs, good luck, heather, horseshoes, lucky rituals, magpies, rabbit's foot, superstition, throwing salt over shoulders, touching collars, touching wood, walking under ladders

Collection Method: Interview

Collection Agency: NOP Market Research (now part of GfK NOP)

Sponsor: Future365

Published Source:

  • Daily Mail, 31 October 2000
  • Daily Mirror, 31 October 2000
  • Belfast News Letter, 31 October 2000
  • Newcastle Journal, 31 October 2000
  • Edinburgh Evening News, 31 October 2000

    BRIN ID: 1401


    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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