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Knowledge of and attitudes towards Muslims and Islam (2792)

Type of Data: Knowledge of and attitudes towards Muslims and Islam (2792)

Faith Community: Islam

Date: 2004, March-April

Geography: Local survey. York

Sample Size: 1515

Population: Young people aged 13-18 in years 10 and 12 at 11 state and independent secondary schools, sixth form and further education colleges

Keywords: 9/11, Arabs, British National Party, friends, headscarf, Iraq, Islam, Islamophobia, knowledge, media, Middle East, Muslims, neighbours, prejudice, proximity, religious affiliation, religious intermarriage, religious knowledge, Saddam Hussein, September 11, social distance, Western culture

Collection Method: Self-completion questionnaire

Collection Agency: Adrian Alan Brockett

Published Source:

  • Adrian Alan Brockett, Nathalie Noret, S. Harenwall, Philippa D. Baird and I. Rivers, 'Adolescent Attitudes in York Towards Muslims and Islam', Community Identity: Dynamics of Religion in Context, eds Sebastian C. H. Kim and Pauline Kollontai, London: T. & T. Clark, 2007, pp. 253-78
  • Adrian Alan Brockett and Philippa D. Baird, 'Media Influence on the Attitudes and Knowledge of York Adolescents Towards Islam, Muslims, the Middle East, and Arabs', Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research, Vol. 1, 2008, pp. 165-85
  • Adrian Alan Brockett, Andrew Village and Leslie John Francis, 'Internal Consistency Reliability and Construct Validity of the Attitude Toward Muslim Proximity Index (AMPI): A Measure of Social Distance', British Journal of Religious Education, Vol. 31, 2009, pp. 241-9

    BRIN ID: 2792


    Comparative surveys were also undertaken in 2003-04 among young people in Blackburn and Kirklees

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